DJ Airchecks
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Below are DJ airchecks from various radio stations. They are scoped (do not contain all of the music or all of the commercials) and of varying lengths.

Johnny Knight, WSBA, York (Seg. 1)

Johnny Knight, WSBA, York (Seg. 2)

Johnny Knight, WSBA, York (Seg. 3)


The Night Mayor Show Dec 1960 WHUM

The segment below from 1960 features a visit to the show by The Reading High School A Cappella Choir Performing Two Christmas Carols.

The Night Mayor Show Dec 1960 WHUM

The Night Mayor Show Spring 74 WHUM

The Night Mayor Show Close 74 WHUM

In 1990, fifteen years after his death, Paul Barclay was still 'The Dean of Talk Radio in Berks County.' WAGO, formerly WHUM, Paul's home for twenty years, broadcast a Tribute to Paul Barclay, The Night Mayor. Below are three segments of that broadcast. You will hear from callers, segments of Paul's shows from various years and from his children and friends.
These segments are each around 30 minutes.

Paul Barclay Tribute Segment 1

Paul Barclay Tribute Segment 2

Paul Barclay Tribute Segment 3

By the way, the theme used by Paul Barclay closing the show is "Nightmare" by Artie Shaw recorded in 1938.

Professor Schnitzel (Ted Rickenbach) from Turkey Hollow, Pa. did a morning show on WHUM Radio, Reading, Pa. in the 50s & 60s and did live comedy in and around Reading, Pa. He also produced a comedy album. Here is a track from his album.

Listen To Professor Schnitzel

Here is another track from the album.

Listen To Professor Schnitzel


Harry West Show KQV Pittsburg, PA


Johnny Holiday, WHK, Cleveland

Johnny Holiday, WHK, Cleveland


Dr. Don Rose, WQXI, Atlanta


Jay Cook, WFIL, Philadelphia

Jim Nettleton, WFIL, Philadelphia

George Michael, WFIL, Philadelphia

Long John Wade, WFIL, Philadelphia


Bill Jones, WIBG, Philadelphia

Hy Lit, WIBG, Philadelphia (Seg. 1)

Hy Lit, WIBG, Philadelphia (Seg. 2)

Hy Lit, WIBG, Philadelphia (Seg. 3)

Joe Niagra, WIBG, Phila. (Seg. 1)

Joe Niagra, WIBG, Phila. (Seg. 2)

Jerry Stevens, WIBG, Philadelphia

Bill Wright, WIBG, Philadelphia


Dave Bartholomew, WUDO, Lewisburg


Wolfman Jack, XERB, Mexico


Dick Biondi, WLS, Chicago


Below are various sound bytes.

WIBG Jingle



1961 WIBG PAMS Jingle Series

Frank X at WIBG

Lowes Tag: 'JJ' WMLP, Milton, PA


 Hurricane Agnes - June 14-25, 1972

Agnes was one of the largest June hurricanes on record.  Banded convection was first noted in the
northwest Caribbean Sea on June 11.  A polar front dropped into region from the northwest.  As the
front approached, a depression formed over the Yucatan on the 14th and moved eastward into the
northwest Caribbean Sea.  The system strengthened into a tropical storm during the night of the 15th,
and a hurricane on the 18th as it moved northward in the Gulf of Mexico.  Moving into the Florida
panhandle as a hurricane, the system quickly weakened into a tropical depression as it moved through
Georgia on the 20th. 

A significant trough in the Westerlies approached Agnes, which led to a second low developing west
of Agnes.  The two cyclones moved in tandem and strengthened, with Agnes regaining tropical storm
strength over North Carolina and moved offshore Norfolk, Virginia.  While offshore New Jersey,
Agnes became a strong tropical storm again before it swung back inland near the western tip of Long
Island, becoming absorbed into the extratropical cyclone over Pennsylvania soon after.  It is virtually
impossible to determine how much of the rain that fell in the Mid-Atlantic would have fallen had
Agnes not existed as a moisture source for the cyclone, but Agnes was likely a major player in the
rain event that ensued. An event that wreaked havoc all along the Susquehanna River.

WMLP Radio played a major role in aiding the citizens of  the WMLP listening area. This is a one hour broadcast produced by Paul Herbert and WMLP.

The Agony of Agnes



Tropical storm Lee caused the worst flooding since Hurricane Agnes in 1972 in the valleys of the Susquehanna September 08, 2011,  forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes in Pennsylvania and New York.

Over a foot of rain fell in some areas. In Binghamton, N.Y. and in Bloomsburg, Meshoppen, and Wilkes-Barre, Pa., the flooding was worse than that of Agnes.

WKOK Radio, Sunbury, Pa. filed this report on September 08, 2011. (~23:00)


WKOK Reports on Flooding


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